About Us

 We Specialize in All Aspects of Hardwood Flooring,

We have the expertise and experience necessary to undertake all kinds of floor covering projects - from residential to commercial projects!,
We particularly thrive on Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services, we have accumulated substantial experience and skill in hardwood floor restorations of various types, sizes, and complexities.
Has your hardwood flooring acquired annoying characteristics - flaking old varnish, yellowing boards and discolored faded stain patches around area rugs and near by window with worn out hardwood boards finish?
Are you tired of the old and decrepitating look?, Do you dream of a fabulous hand crafted hardwood flooring makeover on the level of something you've seen in a high-end architectural or interior design magazine or TV commercials?
Our job is to make that very dream come true! With numerous awards and immensely satisfied clients standing behind us, we will do everything possible to make your hardwood floor refinishing or expansion of new hardwood flooring installation project a smashing slick marvelous and affordable, success! Some of our Hardwood Flooring services we offer include, but are not limited to, hardwood floor resurfacing, hardwood floor restorations, hardwood floor installations, hardwood floors borders, Medallions and header and re-coating of top-coat.